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Thanks so much for all of the amazing feedback on the song I did with my friend Glen! It was a lot of fun collaborating on a song with him. We were not expecting to receive quite the support that it has gotten to be honest, especially charting all the way up to #5 on Amazon’s top 100 metal songs downloads!! It even went as high as #39 I believe on iTunes as well.

Glen is a monster player with a lot of dynamics. Anyone that has played for King Diamond, Testament, AND Megadeth has to be amazing…and he is that good.  He’s not just a “metal guy” as a player, and I would encourage you to check out his other solo works that highlight his versatility which infuses many styles.  *a bit of trivia: His brother Shawn, who is notably known for being the drummer of Megadeth is actually a very accomplished guitar player….he shreds \m/

Now, back to the initial subject of the song “Discordia”:

It was an entirely different animal than what the music of Queensryche is, which is why some of the vocals are slightly different than what most know my voice to sound like.

Most have never heard my guttural textures as well. so that was a lot of fun to be able to show another side of my vocals. On occasion, I will inject a growl or two into a live show.  I’m always a grittier singer naturally anyway on the higher register. When I was first experimenting and learning exactly how to do high metal style screams, I was always drawing inspiration from Rob Halford and wanting that sound, so as I developed the higher range of vocals and screams, that is the sound that ended up being very evident in my screams.  I enjoy the high clean stuff here and there, but there’s an attitude that really translates well in a scream with some grit and texture in it, than some ultra clean scream in the same register.  The clean stuff “sometimes” just lacks a bit of “bite” and body to my ears, but there is a time and a place for everything I suppose. Each song is unique, and I really to my best to write and sing according to how I feel and what the music calls for. I won’t try to “show off” just to do so.

Glen gave me complete creative freedom to write the lyrics and melody as I deemed to be fit.  He and I actually had a very simple writing chemistry together, which made it that much easier to truly develop the song as you all hear it.

Special thanks to Carl and everyone at for the stellar write up on the single!  Glen and I are most thankful for the positive response!  We will likely release a full lyric video of the song in it’s entirety.  The teaser on youtube has song download links for anyone wanting to obtain the song….legitimately ; )   Glen has lots of things in his fire, so find him on twitter and/or facebook to keep tabs on what he is up to!  As always, myself and the rest of the guys in Queensryche are still writing songs for the next record. Thanks again for all of your support!!!!


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