Queensryche singer Todd La Torre has set Feb. 5 as the release date for Rejoice in the Suffering, his long-awaited debut record as a solo artist, and fans can hear the first new song, the scorching "Darkened Majesty," below.

Whether it's with Queensryche, earlier in his career during his three-year stint (2010-2013) as the more-than-capable falsetto belter in Crimson Glory, or his numerous guest spots, La Torre has always demonstrated a remarkable vocal range. On "Darkened Majesty," it's even more impressive as it truly comes off as if there's a handful of different singers with the vocalist utilizing every nuance of his upper range on this hard-charging, classic-styled heavy metal track.

As was the case on Queensryche's The Verdict, which came out last year, La Torre also plays drums on Rejoice in the Suffering, which helps round out the methodical placement of his words in the song's ceaselessly bobbing rhythm.

View the lyrics to "Darkened Majesty" directly below and get more info on the album toward the bottom of the page, where you'll also find the new song.